Have you ever watched a great athlete such as the ones who competed in the Olympics? I love watching the ice skaters! Those athletes are SO amazing! It makes me think about the hours of practice and hard work they must have put in to get that good. These great athletes definitely know a thing or two about doing their personal best! Do you? Personal best means doing the best YOU can do, setting goals, and doing your very best to achieve them. It means if you want to do something well you need to give it your very best effort.

Does that mean I can be an Olympic skater if I just practice skating and do my personal best. No way, not me! I have a hard time just standing on ice skates, but, if being a better skater is something I want to do I can do my personal best effort and I will get better at skating. I can enjoy skating, do my personal best, improve, and have FUN! And I know I don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be the best I can be and neither do you! And you know what? There are things I can be very good at if I am determined to give my personal best effort. The same is true for you. Think about something you want to do well. Do you want to get better grades in math? Give a better speech in class? Maybe you want to make the baseball team or cheerleading squad. Go for it! Do your personal best, really work at it. If you do your best, even if you don’t make the team or the squad, you have reason to be proud because you gave it your best. Be the best YOU that YOU can be! I will be the best me I can be and you can be the best possible you that you can be, after all, there is only 1 YOU and there is only 1 ME!

I’m Great! By Guy Gilchrist from “Night Lights & Pillow Fights II: The Box Set”
I’m great! I’m marvelous!
I’m terrific! Yessiree!
I’m the very best there is
At the job of being ME!
Just ask anybody!
Anybody that I know!
They’ll tell you I’m the very vest!
The best ME that they know!
I look like ME! I laugh like ME! I even talk like ME!
I run like ME!Have fun like ME!
I even walk like ME!
I’m incredible! Fantastic!
I’m FAN‐TAB‐ULOUS, it’s true!
I’m the best me I can be,
And you’re the best YOU, too!