Sports injuries…falls…daily living mishaps…if you or your family members have ever suffered such an injury, you may have wondered whom to call. In some cases, it might be a chiropractor or a PT. So, what’s the difference and how can they help?

Most people would say a physical therapist helps people recover from various injuries while a chiropractor focuses mainly with back pain. While this is true, both professions treat much more than that. Physical therapists do help with rehabilitation from injuries and any major trauma, but they also can help with preventative care and promote wellbeing. A chiropractor focuses on the body’s alignment and works to fix those problems in patients, mostly dealing with the spine. While there are differences and overlap of both professions, both can be used to help treat injuries. Physical therapists and chiropractors often work together when the situation arises to help provide the best, appropriate care for a patient.

If you have an injury, your healthcare provider is always a smart place to start, and he or she can refer you to someone that fits your needs.

Alexander Nescott
Gannon University
Doctor of Physical Therapy