When we think of manners, we think of words like please, thank you, excuse me, and may I.  But did you know that not only using kind words are mannerly, but also manners can be demonstrated by the actions we do every single day.  A
simple smile, a head nod yes or opening the door for someone are all acts that we can do to show that we have good manners.  Another very important way to show we have good manners is when we are eating. When it comes to eating, most of the manners we display are in the actions that we demonstrate while sitting at the table such as chewing with our mouths closed, placing our napkin on our lap, listening and making eye contact with others who are speaking, ignoring the telephone and shutting off the television and computer.  It is so important to remember our manners when we are eating anywhere.  Using our manners at the table or even in the cafeteria show that we are respectful of not only ourselves, but of those around us.

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