It is so important that we take care of our environment and one way that we can do this is by being mindful of the portion sizes that we eat, as to eliminate food waste. When we think of throwing food away, we may not think anything of it. But there is a lot of preparation and time put into foods that are prepared for us whether at home or dining out. On average we waste about 25% and 15% of food respectively. According to research on average a family of 4 throws away approximately $1,600 of food a year. There are many ways we can cut back on food waste such as:

  1. Pre-plan meals and avoid impulse buys at the grocery store.
  2. Buy exactly what you need.  Make a list and stick to it.
  3. Be realistic, just because the sale is “buy one, get one free” doesn’t mean you have to buy it.
  4. Buy produce that may not look right.  Did you know that a lot of produce is thrown away because it doesn’t look quite like what ‘we’ think it should look like? Keep in mind if something was wrong with it most likely it would not be available for you at the store to purchase.
  5. Eat leftovers.
  6. Split dishes when dining out and take leftovers home because the restaurant will just throw them out.
  7. Check in with your stomach.  Are you really physically hungry?

There will always be some waste when it comes to food, but we can do our best by reducing our own food waste within our household by taking small steps every day.

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