Parents and grandparents probably remember riding bikes with no protective gear at all, but times changed and most kids today know the importance of wearing a helmet when biking. That doesn’t mean they all do it! So, let’s review why wearing a helmet so crucial! The science behind wearing a helmet is sobering. A lot of bike crashes happen when the rider is flung forward over the handlebars, significantly increasing the risk of injury to the head. If such a fall occurs without a helmet, the increase of damaging the brain, facial structure, or neck structure increases dramatically. A recent study reports that wearing a helmet while biking reduces head injuries by 51%, serious head injuries by 69%, facial injuries by 33%, and fatal head injuries by 65%. Another study on bicycle injuries in children reports that of all bike injuries, 11% involved head trauma. Looking at the numbers, we can see why wearing a helmet is extremely important.

Alexander Nescott
Gannon University
Doctor of Physical Therapy