backHave you ever thought about eating for a healthy spine? There are nutrients that are most important for a strong back. One of these is calcium. Most of our bone growth happens between ages 9-18. If your diet does not provide enough for what your body needs, your body can take it from your bones.  This means that your bones can become weak and break more easily.

To prevent this, get plenty of calcium, and its good friends magnesium and vitamin D.  These nutrients will help you build and KEEP strong bones. In addition, if you ever get hurt, they’ll repair faster too.  Having strong, dense bones will be helpful to you when you play sports and all kinds of other activities. When bones are dense, that means that they are strong all the way through.

There are many foods that contain bone-building nutrients. Milk is the most common. It’s important to drink low fat or non-fat milk every day. Yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, oatmeal, spinach, kale, broccoli, and calcium fortified soy or almond milk or cereal are also good sources of calcium. And, foods high in magnesium like seeds, nuts, legumes, dark green vegetables, carrots, and tofu are great too!

Aim forat 2 to 3 good servings of calcium each day. Tie this in with weight bearing activities like walking and running for strong bones too.  It is a good idea to stay away caffeine containing drinks like coffee and colas which can actually steal calcium from your bones.

Take these steps and your skeleton will thank you later!

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